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We make products that have a good impact on society.


expand your business to be wider with Pengusahacerdas.com
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Icommits Academy

Develop skills under the guidance of a professional mentor by taking online courses from Icommits Academy.
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DMS (Distribution Management System)

DMS is a distributor management system that has a function to manage distribution.
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Link Belajar

Ready to be a good bridge between teachers and students by using Link Belajar.
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All categories of services & product we can provide

Software Development

We developed software to provide solutions to simplify your activities and work.


We facilitate people who have an interest in the world of IT, especially in the Software House.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing services give you the option to make your business grow according to the development of New Normal conditions.

Maintenance & Service Computer

We provide troubleshooting for your computer problems and then provide the appropriate fixes for your problem.

Company Value

Icommits has values that define our identity and the way we develop.

  • Emphaty

    You will be heard to know what you need, not what you want.

  • Growth

    Here, you have to keep growing. Because goodness must be made & grown. Icommit is a place that suits you.

  • Mindful

    Here together we try to learn together to be aware of the condition of ourselves and our business.


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